Client Testimonials

“You are a real pro and a pleasure to work with” Dudley Crow, Senior Vice President Marketing, USBA

“I’m genuinely pleased that we have had the opportunities to work together. I’ve learned a great deal from you and I benefit from your teaching every day.” Al Eidson, President, Eidson & Partners, Inc.

“Your success in life and business has had a positive influence on the direct marketing community in the Kansas City area.” Kurtis Ruf, President, Ruf Strategic Solutions

“Few have accomplished what you have in furthering the cause of business-to-business direct marketing. I recall your pioneer work in database development and utilization. Today, of course, database-driven direct marketing has grown especially rapidly in business-to-business applications.” Martin Baier, Direct Marketing Consultant and direct marketing author.

“Further reflections remind me of all the persons at Harmon-Smith Advertising who were responsible for new business and account service, there is no question that you were the most capable and pleasant guy who was with our firm – ever.” The late John Lee Smith, Co-founder and Principal of Harmon-Smith Advertising

“Earl, I haven’t shared this with you previously, but wanted you to know that you have been the individual with the single greatest influence on my career as a marketer, and I feel greatly indebted.” Rick Rau, Vice President of Marketing, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun

“Having worked together on many challenging and difficult projects…mutual commitment and hard work always resulted in a fun venture.” David Smith, Executive Vice President, Forrest T. Jones Company

“I want to thank you for being someone to not only ‘look up to,’ but ‘live up to’. If I’m able to accomplish one-fourth of what you’ve done…with business marketing, friends, and family, then I will have had a full and satisfying life.” Bob Johnson, Direct Marketing Consultant

“There’s a lot to look back on in your many years of service to others. I look forward to many more years of association with you.”

“Earl Hogan, a legend in direct marketing…” Jennifer Mann, Advertising/Marketing Columnist, Kansas City STAR

“Earl is one of the top B-to-B direct marketers in the country. Very results-oriented, very successful at his campaigns. I highly respect both Earl and his work.” Donna Baier-Stein, Direct Marketing Copywriter, Baier Stein Direct

“The letter, copywritten by Earl Hogan, does an excellent job educating the prospect about the value of their brand. Note the conversational tone of the following passages:” Excerpt from The New Marketing Conversation by Donna Stein and Alexandra Macaaron

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Earl several times over the last 15 years and can honestly say he’s one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with. I first met Earl when he was a consultant to my company and was brought in as an advisor in direct marketing. As my boss told me at the time, “Earl has forgotten more about direct marketing than you’ll ever know.” And I have to say he’s right!Earl is the consummate expert and a gentlemen to boot, full of funny stories and great anecodotes. His techniques and programs really, really work, too! I’ve had dozens of huge success stories both working with Earl and borrowing his ideas subsequently.” Chuck Moxley, Senior Vice President, Barkley Advertising 

“Earl is one of the best direct marketing minds in the business. He is such a pleasure to work with on so many levels – integrity, personality, & willingness to learn the client’s industry. Add these attributes with strategies and tactics he develops that actually improve the bottom line making working with Earl a no-brainer. I just wish he wasn’t such a ND Irish fan” Jeff Pelaccio, Director of Marketing, Bayer Crop Science

“I have worked with Earl Hogan on numerous direct marketing programs and special projects spanning about a 7-year period. Earl stays on top of the lastest trends, techniques and technologies and has always produced great results. I’d recommend his direct marketing expertise to anyone in the business-to-business marketing world. He’s a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile.” Gary Whitmer, Director of Marketing of Corporate Accounts, Butler Manufacturing Company.

“Earl Hogan was Butler Roof Group’s most valued supplier asset. He and my predecessor started a direct mail program that serviced our dealer’s needs for reroof leads. The program, called Leads-to-Profits, was new and innovative, and from what I was told, was Earl’s brainchild. The program was a runaway success from its first mailing. Not only did it generate high quality leads, but also paid for itself within 12 months. After the first year the program was a moneymaker for the Roof Group, and numerous reroof projects were directly attributed to the mailings.”  H. Craig Mohr, National Sales Manager, Butler Manufacturing Company Roof Group.

“As someone who has been burned out by the stress of cold sales calling, I find Earl’s programs and philosophies to be effective and refreshing. Earl has a gift for assembling a leads program that produces exceptional results, and as a business owner, I appreciate his honesty, attention to detail, and interest in the success of his customers.” Chris Labelle, Owner, 3 Nerds and a Server, LLC

“Earl understands direct marketing inside and out. He’s a terrific strategist who taught me much of what I know and now use in writing B2B lead generation/sales copy. He has a special talent for creating strategically sound offers that generate response.” Pat Friesen (, Copy Contact/Account Executive, BHN Advertising reported to Earl at BHN Advertising Direct Marketing Division

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