Cold Calls — A Costly Mistake

One of the most costly mistakes any sales manager can make is to use skilled sales people to make cold calls — yet it happens frequently.

Three critical things generally occur:

  1. The people being called on resent cold calls because unannounced calls imply that the calling company has no respect for others’ schedules.  When this happens, sales people reduce their chances of every meeting these people.
  2. Sales people who have worked elsewhere, where qualified sales leads were provided, won’t stay with a company that doesn’t offer the same.  They’ve been spoiled.  And they’re not as productive.  Even the very best sales people aren’t willing to tolerate high levels of rejection indefinitely.
  3. Overall marketing costs are much higher than those companies where less expensive media are used to identify and qualify sales prospects.

HoganDirect has identified and qualified prospects for our clients in a wide variety of businesses.  After opening prospects’ doors, our clients’ sales people have used their skills to effectively negotiate and close more sales.