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Proven assistance in developing quantifiable sales increases within justifiable budgets.

I distinctly remember how much I disliked my college accounting courses – both basic and advanced – so much so, I’m surprised that I got passing grades in both courses.  Sadly, I disliked numbers since being confronted with long division problems in the third grade.

After college, I became a navigator in a Navy transport squadron.  There, numbers became a lot more serious — life-or-death serious, especially when you’re flying across the Pacific.  It’s a big ocean!  You’re expected to calculate things like the point-of-no return. That’s serious stuff!

And then, It wasn’t until 11 years after college, I had the career-changing good fortune of meeting a gentleman who was the Vice President of Marketing for a large insurance company and a part time business professor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  He became my lifetime mentor.  His name was Martin Baier.  Martin showed me just how accountable and measurable direct marketing is in relation to other forms of marketing.

I was hooked!  For example, I learned how to calculate breakeven points for single- and multiple-step marketing programs.  But most important, how to calculate lifetime value for various customer segments as a means for establishing justifiable marketing budgets.

So what I do now (and have done for the past 40+ years) is serve clients who want to make their businesses far more profitable than what they are now.  I begin by examining a client’s current customer base, and determine how to retain customers longer, how to increase their spending levels, and how to turn them into effective sources of new business referrals.

Unlike marketing generalists that lack experience in the science and discipline of direct marketing, HoganDirect employs strategies that have been tested, refined, and proven over time for a wide variety of industries — tailored to each client’s business.


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